About Us

Behind the poetry.

Born in Bologna and made in Melbourne, Pasta Poetry brings a passion for handcrafted pasta to your table. From our open kitchen, a team of trained chefs and dedicated people curate restaurant-quality pasta experiences to be enjoyed together at home.
The traditions of pride, heritage and family which have been handed down for generations in northern Italy, and which are infused within its soulfully nourishing dishes, have inspired us to bring Pasta Poetry to the city we call home
Our recipes are inspired classic Bolognese cooking, where our chefs trained and fell in love with its enriching traditions. This is a city where laneways are alive with fabled trattorias, artisan food producers and fresh produce markets, drawn from the surrounding fields blessed with Italy’s most fertile soil. Melbourne shares so many of these qualities with Bologna, as well as a love of great wine, culture and music.
From our laboratorio in Fairfield where we make pasta fresh every day, to your own table with family and friends, we believe the best pasta is pasta that’s shared. And that’s what Pasta Poetry is all about – sharing our knowledge and our passion for handcrafted pasta and delicious sauces.
Pasta Poetry is a new tradition of authentic pasta, made with love, from us to you. Buon appetito!