Meet our Executive Chef: Elena

Meet our Executive Chef: Elena

One of the driving forces behind our Melbourne boutique, Elena leads the production at Pasta Poetry and is dedicated to creating the ultimate experience for our Pasta Poets to enjoy at home.

Elena lived in Bologna where she was inspired by the extraordinary passion, innovation and attention to detail of the region when it comes to food production. Living in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, she not only learnt the art of fresh pasta making, but also immersed herself in the Italian culture, way of life and became inspired by their extraordinary innovation and passion. She has brought the same mindset and exacting detail to her work, leading the production of Pasta Poetry in Melbourne.

Nothing makes Elena happier than knowing Pasta Poetry has made a difference in the homes of our customers. Whether it’s a busy family household or a fun dinner party with friends, Pasta Poetry has a place in every kitchen - who doesn’t love fresh pasta?

Elena’s favourite dish? “I can’t go past spinach and ricotta tortelloni! It’s the quintessential Bolognese pasta dish and truly a work of art!”

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