Iconic dishes from our beloved Bologna

Iconic dishes from our beloved Bologna

Emilia-Romagna is a region in Northern Italy. Its capital, Bologna, is known as the food region of Italy and is where the inspiration for Pasta Poetry was born. If you have ever savoured a bowl of rich tagliatelle bolognese, devoured tortellini in brodo or indulged in mortadella or parmigiano reggiano then you’ll want to keep reading…

Tortellini in Brodo

In Emilia-Romagna, pasta is hugely popular, particularly thinly rolled sheets of fresh egg pasta stuffed with fillings, known as tortelloni. These parcels are usually filled with different meats, ricotta or vegetables like pumpkin. Tortellini in brodo is one of the most notorious Bolognese dishes. In brodo is usually made from chicken or beef stock. A good broth is more than just a simple soup, it nourishes, comforts and heals the body. This simple yet delicious dish is traditionally served as first course because it requires only few ingredients. It’s safe to say that the Bolognese know their pasta! If you haven’t already, click here to order our classic Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni. Delisiozo!


Tagliatelle pasta with bolognese ragu

Tagliatelle pasta and bolognese ragu is a match made in heaven and one that is a regional specialty in Emilia-Romagna. The world-famous bolognese sauce originated from Bologna and is a rich, slow-cooked ragu that takes time and patience to fully develop its lively red colour and mouth-watering flavour. The long ribbons of tagliatelle pasta are perfect to savour each drop of this delicious sauce. It is without a doubt one of our most popular menu items, click here to order your serve of tagliatelle bolognese and enjoy this classic dish at home tonight!


Renowned as “Mortadella Bologna,” this fine cut pork meat is a Bolognese marvel. Mortadella has a rich taste with flecks of spice such as pistachio that are softened when cooked. It has a plush mouthfeel and fulfilling texture and most-commonly used in antipasti dishes, especially on our salami antipasto board, a definite crowd-pleaser! Click here to secure yours for your next dinner party.

Parmigiano Reggiano (cheese)

The majority of the flatland in Emilia-Romagna is dedicated to farming livestock that are raised for milk in order to make the world-famous parmigiano reggiano cheese. This cherished product has become a figure of Bolognese cuisine. Possessing nutty characteristics and embodying a slightly sharp taste, the cheese leaves a lovely finish in the mouth. It is safe to say that an Italian dish would not be complete without parmigiano reggiano cheese! Blocks of parmigiano reggiano cheese on antipasto boards or freshly grated parmesan on pasta… it’d be rude not to!



Crostata is a quintessential Bolognese dish. This warm tart is often served for breakfast or as a sweet dish with espresso and often filled with seasonal jam such as apricot, berry or fig. Crostata is unique in that it goes against the tradition of being made in a tin, instead it takes on a rustic, informal form. Call us biased, but we think crostata is best enjoyed in the sunshine of the Pasta Poetry courtyard - pop in and see us for an espresso and a little slice of heaven!


Italians favour the simplicity of high-quality, flavourful ingredients, which is reflected in their most famous dishes. Pasta Poetry was born in Bologna and traditional Bolognese recipes are sold at our Melbourne boutique and here online. From abundant varieties of meat to vegetables, substantial savoury dishes to delicate desserts, your taste buds are sure to be satisfied with Italy’s iconic cuisine.

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